This is a long, and narrow, one! The guy in it sounds pretty bloody hot, though.




Doctor Who’s reaction says it all

Status: True

I don’t have the specific links, but various anons say they have tracked down news stories that link this story to a real case which occurred in Chicago in 2003. Here is a discussion on the subject seen on /cgl/ in September 2013 (IE: today!)


The first incident took place at somewhere called “Anicon”, but there’s several Anicon conventions (one in Hong Kong, one in Buenos Aires and one in, presumably, the USA, though I don’t know where. But somewhere in IL would be a decent bet).



Time to post one that is actually current on /cgl/ right now, screencapped by myself. I added in  a few relevant other posts and the replies to them.


Status: Unknown

Don’t know if it’s true or not, just another story from the pile! Not going to post the picture up big, in case this is real and the girl finds it and gets the blog deleted.

Throat Slit


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Status: Suspected Fake

When this is posted on /cgl/, some commenters mention that some posters who knew about forensics once dissected it, and came to the conclusion that the attacker would have to be holding the knife that inflicted the neck injury in a strange, ‘backwards’ manner. However the victim was falling down some stairs at the time, and weaboos are likely to attempt “anime fighting techniques”, even when trying to kill somebody. In the same way gangsters hold their guns sideways “like in the movies”, even though it makes them far less accurate.

As the weeb was charged with attempted murder, the story is likely to have found it’s way into the newspapers. If anybody remembers the story and can provide a link or a scan, the story can be declared true.

The location is given as Texas, as the story mentions a “Japan Fest”, held in a field. Houston, Texas hosts a “Japan Festival”, which is held outdoors, in a park.


AKA “The one where a furry was having sex with his dog”.


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Status: Unknown

As the weeb was arrested and charged, the story possibly made it into the papers. If anybody remembers such a story and can provide a link / scan, then the story can be declared true. And by god I hope it isn’t.

The story has been given the location of “USA-Suspected” simply as a default.

“Fat chick bit me at a con”




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Status: Fake!

This one is a well-known fake, a google image search for “zombie bite” quickly brings up the same picture, which is being used on a joke / survivalist blog about treating zombie bites.



I have listed this one as “UK” because the writer uses the term “A+E”, short for “Accident and Emergency”. I’m pretty sure the USA and Canada use the term “Emergency Room”.


Welcome, weaboo horror fans! For quite a while now, I’ve been having fun looking up weaboo horror stories around the web, and I thought it was about time I set up somewhere to collect them all. Up until now, the main sources for weeb stories have been:

4chan – The main source for them, but threads on there “evaporate” as new ones are posted. Plus there’s not always an active horror story thread. Or at least there isn’t on /cgl/ or /b/. I’m not about to tramp through all the other boards looking for them!

Tumblr – Tumblr has several weaboo horror pages. But the design of tumblr pages is really shitty and disorganised. Also every time somebody shares a post, looks at a post, talks about a post, or farts in the general direction of a post, it creates a “note”. Meaning you have to scroll through acres of crap just to get to a comment on a story.

So, I decided to create a weaboo horrors wordpress blog! This has a number of advantages, the main one being that each story can be in it’s own post (with it’s own comments). The posts can also be categorised – by region, date, type of horror etc.

Rather than just be a grab-bag of weeb horror stories, I also want this blog to probe into them a little. Several are accused of being fake – either through careful analysis of the details, research discovering stolen details / photos, or just being far too stupid to be believable! Several people have described weaboo horror stories as being a modern, anime-fandom-focused version of campfire stories. Whereas long ago, teenagers would go out camping in the woods and tell tales of their encounters with the paranormal, these days they are bathed in the blue glow of /cgl/ and “yarn” about their enounters with crazed cosplayers!

This blog will probably move pretty slowly – I’m not a weeb so I do have a life to attend to! And I doubt my boss would appreciate me updating an “attack blog” while I’m at work, either. Feel free to share stories in the comments, if you post links to stories not already on the blog, I’ll archive and upload them eventually!