This blog is aiming to become the comprehensive, cross-referenced and fully analysed collection of weaboo horror stories. As well as collecting them, I hope to provide a place where their truth can be discussed, or further information added.


Why do you hate anime / anime fans so much?

I don’t, though I’m not hugely into anime myself. These stories concentrate on the psychotic extremes of anime fandom, and the existence of this blog is not intended as an attack on people who watch a bit of Naruto now and then.

Why are you anti-furry?

I’m not that either. Some of the weebs in these stories have also been furries, and I have added a category to reflect that. It will also help people to find their “favourite” story again, if the one thing they remember about it is the fact it had a furry in it. I’ve got nothing against the people who wear ears and tails at cons (in fact, I pretty much fell in love with one for a while, but that never worked out). I’ve even fapped to furry porn on occasion.


I label stories as “suspected fake” when I’ve seen discussion leading in that direction (that discussion is usually on 4chan, so I can’t provide a link to it). Calling stories “fake” is not an insult. If you’ve come up with something reasonably believable and entertaining out of your head, then it’s still served it’s purpose as a piece of entertainment. If you have any proof / links / additional information on a story that happened to you, then please add it in the comments and the post will be modified.

OMG this is so horrible, I feel sorry for you!

None of these stories have happened to me (my own encounters with weebs have been few and far between, fortunately), I’m just collecting them all in one place.


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