This is a long, and narrow, one! The guy in it sounds pretty bloody hot, though.




Doctor Who’s reaction says it all

Status: True

I don’t have the specific links, but various anons say they have tracked down news stories that link this story to a real case which occurred in Chicago in 2003. Here is a discussion on the subject seen on /cgl/ in September 2013 (IE: today!)


The first incident took place at somewhere called “Anicon”, but there’s several Anicon conventions (one in Hong Kong, one in Buenos Aires and one in, presumably, the USA, though I don’t know where. But somewhere in IL would be a decent bet).



Time to post one that is actually current on /cgl/ right now, screencapped by myself. I added in  a few relevant other posts and the replies to them.


Status: Unknown

Don’t know if it’s true or not, just another story from the pile! Not going to post the picture up big, in case this is real and the girl finds it and gets the blog deleted.