This is a long, and narrow, one! The guy in it sounds pretty bloody hot, though.




Doctor Who’s reaction says it all

Status: True

I don’t have the specific links, but various anons say they have tracked down news stories that link this story to a real case which occurred in Chicago in 2003. Here is a discussion on the subject seen on /cgl/ in September 2013 (IE: today!)


The first incident took place at somewhere called “Anicon”, but there’s several Anicon conventions (one in Hong Kong, one in Buenos Aires and one in, presumably, the USA, though I don’t know where. But somewhere in IL would be a decent bet).



AKA “The one where a furry was having sex with his dog”.


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Status: Unknown

As the weeb was arrested and charged, the story possibly made it into the papers. If anybody remembers such a story and can provide a link / scan, then the story can be declared true. And by god I hope it isn’t.

The story has been given the location of “USA-Suspected” simply as a default.