Throat Slit


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Status: Suspected Fake

When this is posted on /cgl/, some commenters mention that some posters who knew about forensics once dissected it, and came to the conclusion that the attacker would have to be holding the knife that inflicted the neck injury in a strange, ‘backwards’ manner. However the victim was falling down some stairs at the time, and weaboos are likely to attempt “anime fighting techniques”, even when trying to kill somebody. In the same way gangsters hold their guns sideways “like in the movies”, even though it makes them far less accurate.

As the weeb was charged with attempted murder, the story is likely to have found it’s way into the newspapers. If anybody remembers the story and can provide a link or a scan, the story can be declared true.

The location is given as Texas, as the story mentions a “Japan Fest”, held in a field. Houston, Texas hosts a “Japan Festival”, which is held outdoors, in a park.